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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

When you are considering some type of cosmetic surgery, you want to find doctors you can trust. Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto offers a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures as well as non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments performed by an outstanding team of practitioners that are recognized among the top in the field by fellow professionals and customers alike.

Meet the Award Winning Team of Edelstein Cosmetic Doctors

The primary staff of Edelstein Cosmetic consists of four doctors who are specialists in their respective fields.

Dr. Jerome Edelstein, the founder of Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto, has over 15 years of experience and believes in the relentless pursuit of perfection. That has earned him an incredible success rate with an average of only 1% of patients suffering from capsular contraction, a complication of breast augmentation surgery, compared to industry studies that show the rates can be as high as 10% to 25%.

Dr. Kunaal Jindal has undergone additional extensive training in facial injectables with an emphasis on aesthetics to provide patients with natural looking results. He also performs bloodless breast augmentation and ‘no touch’ insertion techniques to minimize the risk of contamination that can lead to capsular contracture. His belief in a thorough understanding of the patient’s goals and the provision of educational information, which has led to more satisfying outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Fialkov specializes in craniofacial plastic surgery and believes in taking as much time as possible to provide surgery that is minimally disruptive for quicker healing and more satisfying, natural looking results. Dr. Fialkov continues to research in this field and has trained many other surgeons in these specialized procedures.

Other important Team Members

For the best patient experience possible, Dr. Edelstein and his team of doctors have worked with a close knit group of highly trained medical professionals for many years. They share a strong sense of trust and are able to work together in a smooth, fluid manner that benefits the patient.

Medical Aestheticians:  Petra Hughes is certified to perform a number of aesthetic medical treatments and strives to create a customized course of treatment for each patient based on her extensive knowledge of skin structure and a deep understanding of the patient’s goals.

Anesthetists: A certified anesthetist is present for each surgical procedure to provide the best comfort for the patient with a high degree of safety.

Nurses: No medical facility can function without the hard work of dedicated professional nurses. Each patient is cared for before and after surgery and a patient care manager addresses pre and post-surgery questions and issues.

Office Personnel: The administrative team is just as highly trained and dedicated as the medical staff, all striving to make the patient’s experience as simple and pleasant as possible.

At Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto, you can feel confident that you will receive professional, personable care from a highly trained staff with your best interests at heart.

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