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Is There A Right Age For A Tummy Tuck in Toronto?

Have you ever thought, “I’m too old for that”? When it comes to cosmetic procedures, you may be surprised to learn that a person’s age is less of a deciding factor than commonly believed. What does determine a great candidate for a tummy tuck in Toronto? Read on to find out.

Age is only a number- we hear this often, and in the medical aesthetic world, this is quite true. The numbers that plastic surgeons care about most are those that indicate overall health, strong immunity, freedom from disease, allergies or other lifestyle problems. While medical issues don’t always prevent someone from having the surgery they choose, some can interfere with healing, anesthetic or other aspects of recovery.

Here Are Some Critical Health Areas Your Plastic Surgeon Will Review With You

Body fat/BMI- Your body mass index helps present a picture of your health in relation to fat. Ideal ranges are between 18-25, though in some cases a plastic surgeon may consider operating on a client with a BMI higher than 25. Obesity is a concerning factor for elevated risks associated with surgery, so even though tummy tucks are considered to be relatively low risk, being very overweight can change that. No matter your age, you’ll need to maintain a healthy stable weight to be a good candidate for a tummy tuck in Toronto.

Heart disease, autoimmune disease or problems related to connective tissue could all impact how well you tolerate anaesthetic, and how you heal or scar after your procedure. The use of some drugs and supplements may increase bleeding risks, so you’ll be asked to reveal any medications you take to your surgeon. This may be an issue for clients in their 50s, 60s and 70s who are more likely to have prescriptions. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t have a safe and healthy abdominoplasty.

Younger clients-under 40- tend to have more elastic skin, and when they’ve lost weight or undergone surgery, they bounce back quickly with smoother, tighter skin contours. Understanding realistic limitations of a Toronto tummy tuck is essential no matter a person’s age. Thin, crepey skin may heal slowly or remain less than perfectly smooth, but results from the procedure can still be beautifully transformative.

Lastly, smoking is a significant concern for a patient of any age considering abdominoplasty surgery. While patients in their 60s and 70s may heal more slowly, they could still be healthier and get a better result than a younger person who smokes. Because nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes constrict blood flow, the need for adequate circulation during surgery and healing can’t be overstated. Your long, horizontal tummy tuck incision will require blood flow from surrounding tissues at the side and back to ensure abdominal skin thrives. When blood vessels are constricted, patients run a higher risk of infection, slow wound closure and even tissue death.

If you’re a fit person in the second half of your life, and interested in reshaping your abdomen, don’t rule out a tummy tuck just because of your age. Plastic surgeons carefully evaluate each client for their suitability and recommend the safest approach that will help them reach their goals. You can undergo cosmetic surgery improvements at nearly any age if you’re a good candidate. If you’d like to learn more, we welcome you to contact Edelstein Cosmetic today and schedule your own private consultation.

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