Mini Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Techniques: Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck or partial abdominoplasty is best suited for those who cannot reduce the bulging beneath their navels or who have stretched, lax skin. Stubborn bulging in the lower abdomen is usually the result of weakened and stretched muscles from fluctuating weight, pregnancy and aging.

The ideal candidate is a male or female who has a slim midsection and only desires to change the shape of their tummy by reducing a limited amount of bulging or saggy skin. Understanding the patient’s goals is very important to achieving a customized procedure, which is why our board certified Plastic Surgeons will take the time during your consultation to find out what your expectations are and answer all your questions and concerns about a mini tummy tuck in Ontario.
Dr. Edelstein talks about the mini tummy tuck.

What Is A Mini Tummy Tuck or Mini Abdominoplasty Procedure?

Performed as an outpatient surgery while under general anesthesia, the mini tummy tuck is not as complicated or as invasive as a full tuck. You can consider this a small tummy tuck, because rather than cutting around the navel and then again across the lower abdomen, Dr. Edelstein uses a much smaller incision that does not require detachment of the belly button. The rectus muscles, better known as the ‘six pack’, are tightened with permanent sutures and the extra skin, tissue and fat are removed through the incision. To remove excess fat, liposuction is frequently used to achieve the desired result. Finally, sutures are placed to close the incision and drains may be inserted in the area to aid in the prevention of fluid retention.

Although the belly button is not surgically targeted at all, its appearance is often improved because the skin is pulled downward to make it taut, thereby creating a more pleasing shape.

How much is a tummy tuck cost?

Recovery From Mini Tummy Tuck

After surgery some discomfort should be expected, however this can be controlled with prescribed medication. It is important to slowly walk around within the first two to three days, slightly bent forward to prevent any tension on the incision. You’ll be required to wear a compression garment for three weeks after the surgery. This controls swelling and helps the skin in the area conform to its new sleeker contour. It also helps with proper healing of mini tummy tuck scars.

The return to work after your initial mini tummy tuck recovery can be as early as two weeks depending on your comfort level. The mini tummy tuck may not be as strenuous a procedure as the full tuck, and the resulting scar is less visible, however the focus on rest and recovery should be the same to promote successful healing.

A mini tummy tuck is a great way to achieve the flatter, firmer body contour you want. For more information, contact Edelstein Cosmetic for your medical consultation about a mini tuck.




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