Toronto Tummy Tucks Are In Demand

One of the top five plastic surgery procedures performed nowadays is abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck. Over the past twenty years, there has not been another procedure that challenged the rising popularity of a Toronto tummy tuck. Well, what is a tummy tuck surgery and why is it so common now?

A Toronto tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that can permanently remove the hanging, loose skin and fat around the abdomen to improve body contour and produce a nice, flatter tummy. This procedure can also restore and strengthen weakened abdominal muscles for better muscle tone.It has received a lot of attention over the years and seen an increase in demand in the clinics because of improved techniques that enable better post-surgery recovery and exceptional outcomes for clients. There has also been greater awareness of plastic surgery and abdominoplasty because of notable trends for Toronto tummy tucks. A major trend in the cosmetic industry is the rise of interest in plastic surgery from the male population. Traditionally, women have made up the majority of clients who undergo plastic surgery, but as times are changing, men are showing increasing interest in tummy tucks too. Many plastic surgeons have reported seeing clients that are both male and female of all ages.Another reason that tummy tucks are really popular is that they are not only amazing for aesthetics, but they are also medically relevant. A Toronto tummy tuck can sometimes offer relief from lower-back pains and issues because the correction of weak, abdominal muscles improves lower-back supports and strength.Current advancements in surgical techniques have also propelled Toronto tummy tucks to the top of plastic surgeries. There are several variations of a Toronto tummy tuck depending on the needs of the client. Some don’t need the standard, full tummy tuck and instead, opt for a partial or mini-tummy tuck that is less invasive and requires a smaller incision. Also, the visible scarring from the surgical incision has also been a deterrent for many, but improvements in the surgical techniques for a tummy tuck now allow plastic surgeons to create incisions that will often scar minimally and inconspicuously.Tummy tucks are also famous for encouraging clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise in order to ensure that they get the best possible outcomes and can maintain it long-term. This also aligns well with society’s current trends in healthy living, which helps boost the popularity and awareness of the procedure.Society’s trends in fashion and apparel have also influenced the popularity of the tummy tuck surgery. For instance, crop tops and low-rise jeans are flattering on slim body contours, which increases the people’s desire for a flat, toned tummy.If you are interested in joining the revolution of Toronto tummy tuck surgeries and indulging in its results for a better, improved body, we would like to invite you into our clinic for a personal consultation and discussion.




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