Tummy Tuck Toronto: Will The Procedure Leave A Scar?

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure designed to tone the belly and reverse the changes women see from pregnancy or aging. An experienced plastic surgeon can remove sagging skin around your waist and tighten the muscles in your abdominal wall. Most patients are delighted with the changes to their silhouette.

Many women wonder if they will have a scar after undergoing a tummy tuck in Toronto. The reality is that excess skin can’t be eliminated without some degree of scarring. Continue reading to learn about how surgeons work to minimize scarring and what you can do to help.

What Kind Of Scar To Expect

If your skin has stretched from weight gain or pregnancy, it usually sags near your lower abdomen and belly button. For this skin to be removed, a horizontal incision needs to be made on your lower abdomen as well as a smaller one around your belly button. Making a wound in the skin during an operation leaves a scar. However, the visibility of your scars can be diminished if you’re in the care of an expert surgeon who knows where to place the incisions strategically.

What You Can Do Before Surgery

Before your procedure, maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to ensure your body is in optimal health for healing. Smokers should consider stopping completely before surgery as smoking can inhibit oxygen flow and disrupt circulation.

What Surgeon’s Do During The Procedure

While performing your tummy tuck in Toronto, your physician will strategically place a horizontal incision where it can be hidden behind underwear or a bikini bottom. The best surgeons take care to make the shortest incision possible and strive to minimize suture tension when closing to retain your skin’s blood supply. By doing so, the length and width of your scar are reduced.Your surgeon will also preserve the appearance of your belly button, which can be a visible sign of a tummy tuck. They will use their expertise to make sure its placement is as natural as possible. With a less experienced surgeon, you can end up with a round shaped belly button which will look unnatural. That’s why it’s vital to choose a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon with many years of experience performing tummy tucks.

How You Can Help After Your Tummy Tuck In Toronto

It’s crucial that you follow your physician’s post-op advice and instructions. You’ll need to pay careful attention to healing your incisions.  Wear your compression garments as directed because they reduce swelling and help prevent complications. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to avoid smoking following your operation.Everyone heals differently from a tummy tuck, and your scars might not look exactly the same as another patient’s. However, if you follow all pre and post-op instructions, you can expect a scar that doesn’t detract from your new waistline.

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