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2017 Trends for Facial Fillers

We know that the use of cosmetic dermal fillers in Toronto is on the rise and now more than ever, regular people are seeking these minimally invasive, quick fix cosmetic treatments to restore lost volume and rejuvenate their looks. There are many advances in the cosmetic industry every year and 2017 has so far brought a variety of new dermal filler products as well. Some dermal filler lines have developed specialized products in recent years for specific areas of the face. These include Juvederm Voluma which adds volume to the midface, Juvederm Volift which targets nasolabial folds and marionette lines, and Juvederm Volbella which has a thinner consistency, lasts up to two years and is ideal for subtle surface areas like smokers lines around the lips.

Toronto filler trends in 2017 also include Restylane’s new portfolio of seven products for Canada: Restylane-L®, Restylane® Fine Lines-L, Restylane® Refyne (currently Emervel Classic), Restylane® Defyne (currently Emervel Deep), Restylane® Volyme (currently Emervel Volume), Restylane® Lyft (currently Perlane-L) and Restylane® Kysse (currently Emervel Lips).

These are all formulated to have different consistency, softness, lift and staying power in different areas of the face and injectors are trained to administer them in special ways to make use of their characteristics. The Belotero line is another one to watch for as they develop new products and become ever more targeted for specific cosmetic needs.

Dark undereye circles or hollows are a common complaint from people of every age. As we age, the fat deposits under our eyes diminish and skin can become more lax leading to bags, hollows, and shadows. This creates a sunken, hollow, and, in general, tired appearance. In the teens and even 20’s, often all it takes is a good night’s rest to restore the look of being well-rested. Puffy and dark under eyes tend to settle in and stay at some point however and cosmetic patients want an easy, lasting way to look revitalized.


In Toronto, a cosmetic dermal filler solution which is gaining awareness is the option of tear trough filler. Hyaluronic acid fillers custom designed for this delicate, thin-skinned area, are injected into the under eye hollows. This is often administered with a blunt end, soft cannula.

The HA products are able to fill in hollows under the eyes, removing the dark shadow and creating a more smooth transition to the cheek. The whole procedure can usually be done in 15-30 minutes and usually will have minimal swelling or bruising associated with it. The result will last about six months to a year before it begins to dissolve.

Cost per syringe of dermal filler depends a lot on the doctor giving the injection, and the amount of facial fillers needed, but can run anywhere from roughly $500 to $1000 per syringe.

Exciting developments and an ever-growing variety of non-surgical cosmetic options are just around the corner. Be sure to seek a well-trained and experienced injector for your treatments. The ability to select and administer fillers in a way that makes each individual look their best, is an art form. Patient testimonials, before and after photos and reviews will help you find someone who can deliver the results that you want.

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