Nicki is an internationally published fitness model, bikini competitor and sponsored athlete. Her dream is to be a household name in the fitness industry. But from a young age, Nicki had always been troubled by her chest size.



Nicki’s fitness training gave her a lean body but she was unhappy with the lack of curves.

The details


After a decade of being unhappy with the size of her chest, Nicki decided to get breast implants.

“I got my breast augmentation at 23 years old and I’m SUPER glad I did them so young. Why waste time if there is something you’re not happy about? That has always been my motto in life.”

We believe as long as a patient is psychologically mature enough to understand the seriousness of undergoing a surgical procedure and can comprehend the risks involved, age is just a number.

That’s why it’s important that patients considering any cosmetic surgical procedure by scheduling a pre-surgical consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, and not with a ‘patient consultant’ with no medical certification. We are better able to assess the concerns and needs of the patient, as well as make sure that the patient is physically and mentally prepared for surgery based on their medical expertise.

“I never had any doubts. I knew from a very young age that I wanted a breast augmentation so it was an easy decision. I went in with realistic expectations.”

Procedure & recovery


She was pleasantly surprised and relieved that the surgery was much less painful than she had expected. The best part of her surgical experience, happened immediately after surgery, “Waking up when it was over and looking down at my new body…EPIC!”

Patients are often pleasantly surprised when they’re able to see an instant improvement in their chest size, even if their breasts are covered with bandages and somewhat compressed after surgery. However, it is important to note that the true results of surgery appear in about three to four months, after swelling and bruising subside. During this time, the breast implants will also drop and fluff, finally settling into their optimal position.

“I’m always confident now no matter if I have clothes on or off–but other than that there were no profound changes in my life. I’m still the same person I always was, just with bigger breasts. If you don’t like WHO you are going in to surgery you need to know that that won’t change…you must always love your inner self, cosmetic surgery can just tweak the outside but it won’t change who you are inside.”

“To everybody else I’m just the same girl (like I said, I always stuffed my bra anyways so you couldn’t tell the difference) and I don’t even dress more provocatively! I’m just at peace I guess.”

In addition, Nicki admits that her breast augmentation has made a positive impact on her career. “I believe that my fitness modeling career has been much more successful because of my augmentation. I guess there really isn’t any way to measure that though. I have a much more womanly shape because of this surgery and have been able to get leaner without worry that I’ll lose my breasts!”

For woman considering breast augmentation. Nicki’s advice is, “Do it for YOU and nobody else. It’s YOUR body and you are the one who has to be comfortable in your own skin! Don’t let anybody pressure you one way or the other.”

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“I have been stuffing my shirt since I was 12. Never an athletic kid, I fell in love with fitness at the age of 18, but of course with my new athletic lifestyle my boobs became smaller than my collarbones–not a good look! I hated the fact that out in the world I was one person with a certain shape and then when I would come home at night and take my bra off I was someone totally different. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and wanted that image to match who I was during the day.”

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