Robyn L. S. Hails from Harrow, ON. Growing up on her family farm, she’s always been athletic. She works as a Registered Pharmacy Technician at a hospital in Georgian Bay. Robyn is also a successful Fitness and Athletic Model and Competitor. Since November 2010, she is a major contender in national and international competitions. She has also graced the pages of several fitness magazines.

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    How Robyn Regained Her Confidence

    After years of training, Robyn was happy that she had become very lean and has fantastic muscle definition but was unhappy with the size of her chest. She was once a generous C-cup, but now she is down to an A.


    “When I would practice my posing in the mirror naked, I felt I was looking at a 12 year old ‘ripped’ boy in the mirror. As I chiseled and shaped my body, I felt less feminine and sexy with such a tiny chest. The last and final straw was the last bra I fit into was an A cup. I knew that I would maintain my fitness lifestyle and my boobs would never ‘grow’ back again.”

    After doing her research and deciding it was the right time, she selected one of the “very best doctors in Toronto”, Dr. Edelstein, to perform her breast augmentation surgery. She chose Edelstein Clinic because she felt comfortable with Dr. Edelstein and the staff.

    Robyn had the procedure, with her husband accompanying her. It is important to have support from a trusted family member or friend to help you through the surgical experience, but make sure it’s the right person. “I would have had my mom there.”

    Her Pleasant experience

    Robyn was pleasantly surprised by how little to no pain she felt and describes the best part of her experience, “was just how relaxed I felt because I knew it was a well thought out decision.”

    Robyn experienced a short period of healing in the first three days with little to no pain. This could be because the implant was placed over her muscle (sub-mammary). Her great physical condition prior to surgery aided her recovery.

    Robyn’s breast augmentation has made her happier. She stresses that even though she is “still the same person who already possessed a good sense of self worth and confidence,” prior to surgery, she is now happier.

    “I am happy to not wear gel inserts anymore in my bikinis or bras!! So I am more confident on stage…because I don’t have any question that my ‘boobs’ (gel inserts that is) won’t fall out of my bikini while struttin’ my stuff!”

    She continues, saying,“My life has changed for the better because as a fitness model I strive to maintain a balanced proportion in my physique. I now have it!”

    Robyn -Breast Augmentation

    “Do your research! Take your time in thinking as to the reasons you want to do this. It must be for yourself and not anyone else.”Robyn

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