Our Unique Approach To Breast Augmentation

Many Plastic Surgeons are able to perform breast augmentation approach, but only the board certified Plastic Surgeons at Edelstein Cosmetic have designed the procedure to be safer and better able to fulfill your expectations with the following exclusive techniques:Bloodless Breast AugmentationOur Plastic Surgeons create a precise and meticulous incision. They do not do blunt dissection, such as putting a finger in and sweeping it around to open up the pocket. They carefully cauterize all of the blood vessels found in the area of implant insertion. By doing this, trauma is decreased and the potential for blood loss (and post-operative fluid build-up) is eliminated. Bloodless breast augmentation also leads to faster recovery times. Bloodless breast augmentation is an original innovation of Dr. Edelstein and can be applied to any incision placement (inframammary, trans-axillary, or peri-areolar). The advanced technique is a tribute to our commitment to designing a procedure that is safer and shortens the recovery process for patients.Endoscopic Trans-axillary Breast AugmentationAn endoscope consists of a tubular probe featuring a camera and light. The images captured by the probe are magnified and displayed on a viewing screen that your Plastic Surgeon is able to see throughout the procedure.

By using an endoscope during the trans-axillary method of breast augmentation (in the armpit), our Plastic Surgeons can make accurate internal incisions and achieve precise breast implant positioning for a more natural and beautiful enhancement. Without the use of endoscopic equipment, surgeons have to work blind while opening the implant pocket and sometimes making unnecessary incisions. Coupled with the force of blunt dissection, these cause more tissue damage and bleeding, which consequently must be controlled with drains the patient must deal with after surgery.Infra-mammary/Peri-areolar Breast AugmentationFor incision placement around the nipple (peri-areolar) or underneath the breast (infra-mammary), our Plastic Surgeons use a fibre-optic lighted retractor that allows for a clear view of the operating area. Use of the lighted retractor ensures proper implant placement, a shorter recovery time and a marked decrease in the risk of complications that arise from unnecessary tissue damage.

Through the use of these three precautionary surgical techniques, our Plastic Surgeons have reduced the rate of common implant-related complications like capsular contracture to only 1% of his procedures. Health Canada studies and various medical journals have found that the rate of capsular contracture development from other breast augmentation providers can range from 10-25%. By drastically minimizing capsular contracture risk, our patients rarely require post-operative massages.Dimensional Breast AugmentationDimensional Breast Augmentation involves customizing treatment to best suit your unique body and goals. Your original body contours (including height, weight, breast width, breast height and the distance that exists between the nipple and breast fold) alongside your desired cup size are assessed. The knowledge and expertise of our Plastic Surgeons allow you to then choose your best breast implant type and size as well as the best surgical techniques to employ.

The end result of Dimensional Breast Augmentation is proportional body enhancement that meets your needs without resulting in an unnatural appearance. Patients often report less pre-surgery hesitation as well, since the technique helps with selecting the right implant size and style to achieve the most natural and pleasing result.




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