Lysonix® Liposuction System

Liposuction techniques are constantly evolving, providing patients with less intensive treatment options and surgeons with more accurate methods of unwanted fat removal. One of the newest and most highly advanced liposuction systems is the LySonix® 3000 Soft Tissue Aspirator.

The LySonix® 3000 Soft Tissue Aspirator is a technologically innovative system used to assist in Ultrasonic Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) treatment. Using LySonix® in UAL, surgeons are able to more easily and effectively perform liposuction on areas of the body that have long been proven to be difficult to treat, such as the upper back or male breast.

  • Easier removal of fibrous fat deposits
  • Decreased blood loss
  • Faster recovery times.


LySonix® works by stimulating a process known as cavitation wherein microscopic bubbles are created and later collapse. In liposuction, these bubbles consist of fragmented tissue (both living and dead) that are destroyed via ultrasonic energy. The LySonix® probe produces these bubbles at the tip of its handpiece, a tool powered by an electrical signal that allows its active components to vibrate at a 22.5 kHz frequency. This probe, when placed in liquid or tissue, directs energy into making and collapsing bubbles. The effect works to liquefy or fragment material such as fatty tissue for easier removal via a cannula. The end result is eliminated fat deposits and an improved body contour that’s slimmer, firmer and more toned.

We can also use the ultrasonic energy on the undersurface of the skin in areas that need assistance in “tightening up”. The energy imparted to the skin helps to shrink collagen and elastin, thereby causing the skin to contract.

LySonix® is a crucial tool for providing ultrasonic assisted liposuction.

One of the major benefits of the LySonix® system is its safe and almost entirely pain-free application. Since it uses directed sound waves to break apart fat cells, surrounding tissues are not affected. This makes LySonix® treatment far less painful than traditional, non-UAL, liposuction techniques. The gentler fat removal of LySonix® also minimizes bleeding, bruising and post-operative swelling, cutting down on patient recovery time.


LySonix® is similar to Vaser lipo. Both are forms of ultrasound assisted liposuction, however LySonix® is further advanced, using optimal ultrasonic frequency. This technology emulsifies the fat cells, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected for improved safety and precision.

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