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Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

The recovery process following your breast enhancement in Toronto at Edelstein Cosmetic is an important part of the path toward achieving great results. The following timeline is what you can generally expect.

The First Few Hours After Surgery

When you awake from your surgery, you’ll be in the recovery room where you’ll remain for a few hours under the watchful eye of your dedicated team of nurses and doctors.

The First 24 Hours

A few patients react negatively to the anesthetic after surgery. You may feel nauseous and vomit. This usually lasts less than 24 hours and should be treated with lots of fluids, Gravol and rest.

The Second Day

You’ll be able to take showers from the second day after your surgery.

The First Three Days

For the first three days you should try to restrict your arm movements. Move your arms slowly and avoid sudden jerky movements of the chest and breast area to prevent complications from occurring.

After Three Days

You will be able to resume relatively normal non-strenuous activities, however avoid lifting.

The Third to Fifth Day

Maximum swelling occurs at this time.

After Five Days to a Week

You will be able to go back to work, although you may need to wait a little longer if your work is physically challenging.

After 10 Days to Two Weeks

The ends of sutures may be trimmed if necessary.

By The End of Two Weeks

xMost bruising and swelling will resolve by this time. You may also feel discomfort and pain, which is generally well controlled by pain medications.

After Two Weeks

You will be able to submerge yourself in a bath, swimming pool, or whirlpool after two weeks. If you have been wearing a tensor bandage wrapped around your chest, it will be removed.

After Three Weeks

You will be able to begin your regular exercise routine, specifically aerobic and lower body weight training. You will also be able to resume sexual activities at this time.

After Six Weeks

Upper body weight training and push-ups should not be done until six weeks after your surgery.

After Two Months

Up to this time after your breast enhancement, you will have been wearing a bra at all times (day and night, including while you’re sleeping). You will be able to stop doing this. You will also be able to start wearing an underwire bra.


After Three to Four Months

By this time, your breasts will have “dropped and fluffed” , meaning they will have settled and look more natural. Read more about dropping and fluffing Tightness will be alleviated and a gradual enlargement and rounding out of the lower portion of your breasts will occur. Enjoy bra shopping at this time!


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