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Preventing Acne Scars

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

People suffering from acne scars who have tried to solve their problem with over the counter skin care products may feel as if their damaged skin can never be repaired. This isn’t true. Edelstein Cosmetic can help to reduce or eliminate even the most severe scars, restoring the clarity and health of your complexion as it was before you had acne.ACNE SCAR PREVENTIONThe best way to fight against acne scars is to prevent them from forming in the first place. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to properly treat all active acne without unnecessarily damaging the skin tissue or spreading infection in the process. Pimples should not be extracted at home, but should be handled by a qualified medical aesthetician who can remove them without hurting the skin or allowing harmful bacteria to spread. It’s essential that pimples (especially deep, cystic blemishes) are treated before they have a chance to infect the surrounding tissue.

What you can do:

Use sun block and limit exposure to UV. This is an even more important step for anyone undergoing a course of prescription acne treatment.

Avoid using shower puffs and abrasive scrubs as they can hurt delicate skin, spread bacteria and, ultimately, lead to more noticeable scarring.

Stop smoking, as the habit can make scar development more likely. Cigarettes deposit toxins in the pores, contribute to free radical damage and take away from the skin’s oxygen reserves.


Preparing the skin for scar removal begins by treating any active acne. Why is the first step of any scar treatment regimen stopping acne breakouts? Active blemishes may lead to further marks even as existing ones are healed, making it essential that the root cause behind scarring is addressed before moving forward. After this issue has been resolved, our Head Medical Aesthetician will carefully assesses your skin before deciding on the best course of action. Our trained skin care specialist will be able to recommend the right treatment course for a patient’s specific needs. This level of guidance helps in avoiding the common problems associated with using products that may be too strong for delicate or actively healing skin. Once acne is under control, patients may begin to take advantage of treatment options that reduce scarring.

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