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Belkyra Versus Liposuction

Stubborn double chin fat, also known as submental fullness. Is a common problem and tricky to get rid of. Some people, whether due to genetics or weight gain, cannot lose fat in this area no matter how generally fit they are. For men who wear a shirt and tie every day, it can be particularly frustrating as certain collars accentuate the double chin. When Toronto patients decide to pursue a cosmetic procedure for reduction of the fat under their chin, they will generally have two, effective options from which to choose: liposuction or Belkyra injections.

The two procedures differ in a number of ways but both will allow for permanent removal of submental fat.

Michael P. Morrissette, D.D.S., who is a cosmetic facial surgeon in Ventura, Calif., wrote, “Comparison of Techniques for Removal of Submental Fat: Closed liposuction vs. Kybella,” in order to point out similarities and differences between these two cosmetic options.

First, Liposuction, no matter how small the treatment area, is still considered to be surgery. A very small incision is made to access the area, so a small scar will be inevitable, though likely well-hidden. Belkyra is administered with a very small needle, up to 50 injections to the treatment area in each session. There are no incisions made and no scars related to the procedure.

Belkyra treatments can be done after applying ice to the area or a topical numbing agent. Liposuction requires either local anesthetic injected into the area or twilight sedation. It can also be performed while under anesthetic for other procedures such as a face lift or other surgery.

The cost for Belkyra treatments will depend on the size of the area to be treated and how many sessions a patient has. Liposuction is priced according to practice based on the surgeon and facility fees, anesthetic and other surgical costs. It is a one-time fee for the procedure.


Belkyra will require up to 6 treatments, spaced at least one month apart. Many patients report significant improvement after only 2 or 3 treatments, however. The amount of product required will depend on each person’s needs. Results will be apparent anywhere from 1 month to 4 months after beginning treatments. The fat cells are destroyed and once removed by the immune system, are permanently removed.

Liposuction is a one-time procedure. It also removes fat cells permanently. Results are apparent almost immediately- as soon as initial swelling resolves a couple of weeks after surgery.

Currently, Belkyra, or Kybella as it is known in the United States, is FDA and Health Canada approved for use only under the chin, for moderate to severe submental fullness. Over time, however, and with further testing and approvals, there could be far more areas of the body appropriate for Belkyra treatment.

These other small areas such as bra roll fat, knees and ankles are currently treated most effectively with surgical liposuction. As Belkyra gains popularity and is more widely used as a less-invasive fat melter, it may become a preferred treatment option for these other areas and patients will be able to permanently remove fat from specific problem areas in the comfort of a doctor’s office, without cosmetic surgery.

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