A Beautiful Body: The Evolution of Liposuction

We all desire to have a beautiful, stunning body that others talk about or desire to see, but what happens when your body has some flaws or imperfections? Do you accept them and move on or do you search for a solution to the problem?

The first use of liposuction was seen in 1974 by French surgeons who used it to remove fat from patients. The new idea of being able to transform yourself erupted and everyone started catching on to the idea.

Of course, nothing starts without any complications in the beginning and the entire process of liposuction has undergone some changes of its own throughout that time.

Liposuction: The Beginning of It All

As mentioned briefly above, liposuction first began in 1974 and was performed using cannulas inserted under the skin to remove fat. The process was typically performed under general anesthesia in a hospital environment.

Since the surgery was new to the medical industry, it took time to develop and the first cannulas often led to trouble including excessive blood loss, irregularities, and even infections.

Almost a decade after the first liposuction treatment, Dr. Yves Gerar IIouz came up with a new technique that would replace the large cannulas. His method included using a suction assisted method to remove fat from the body. Fluid was inserted into the tissues prior to the fat being suctioned out. This method proved to be much more effective than the previous.

In 1985, Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein founded Tumescent Liposuction, which allowed for larger areas to have liposuction performed by putting even more fluid into the tissues prior to fat suctioning. This process made the surgery much safer and reduced recovery time for all patients.

Tumescent Liposuction has paved the way for liposuction today and is still widely used. In fact, some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Less bruising
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Allows for movement of tools during surgery
  • Less blood loss
  • Less pain

Improving the Tools of the Trade

Liposuction has come a long way, but it would not have made it as far without the advancements in the tools that are used as well. Surgeons all over the world have tried different tools to help make the process easier and less painful for patients. Some of the most common tools include the following:

  1. Cannula – This tubing was once large and thick, which caused irregularities and led to blood loss. Today’s cannulas are smaller and less traumatic than their predecessor.
  2. Power-Assisted Devices – This cannula is power-assisted and moves mechanically without manual movements. This type of device helps the surgeon do the liposuction without having to move the cannula back and forth roughly
  3. Ultrasonic and Laser-Assisted Devices – The cannula on the ultrasonic /  laser-assisted device is smaller and includes an ultrasound laser tip, which is used to melt the fat cells. This procedure is ideal as it allows the surgeon to tighten the skin and remove fat quickly. This type of device is best used for scar tissue and stubborn areas of fat.

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